We look forward to the day when we can offer donors the opportunity to select the programs they wish to support, however at this early stage of our work, all finances are being invested to develop and implement distribution models that will serve our goal to bring vision in a sustainable manner to millions around the world. 



Bank Details:
Name: Twobillioneyes Foundation
Name of the bank: Triodos bank
Iban Nr: NL23TRIO0390986933

Provide your Professional Expertise

Setting up and establishing a foundation with an international scope requires many resources and expertise across a multitude of disciplines. If you would like to donate your time and expertise in the fields of development, humanitarian work, manufacturing, distribution, communications, design, or any other field you feel might be helpful to TWOBILLIONEYES, please fill out the form below and get in touch with us.

Call-out to Eye Care Professionals

If you are an optician or other relevant eye-care professional, you can assist us in one of two ways:

 In the field:  helping perform the training of local people to become vision collaborators (please fill out the form below)

Become a TWOBILLIONEYES Ambassador: join our program by donating money to the foundation through the sale of glasses in your shop. As a TWOBILLIONEYES Ambassador for every pair of glasses that you sell in your shop, you will donate a MINIMUM of the equivalence of a pair of TWOBILLIONEYES glasses. We leave it up to you whether you wish to communicate this in your shop to your customers or do it anonymously. 

High-Level Financial Investment

Being a startup, we need substantial financing to set up essential infrastructure and systems to ensure that local vision collaborators are trained and provided with the necessary equipment to carry out eye examinations and distribute eyeglasses. If you are a foundation or business inspired by what we are doing and are interested in supporting us, please get in touch and fill out the form below.

Collaboration with NGOs and Nonprofits

For distribution purposes, we need to collaborate with established NGOs and nonprofits in the field who have the local expertise and necessary networks in place. Please drop of us a line if this is something your organization wishes to collaborate on.

Share, Like, Follow,…

We need everyone’s help to amplify the TWOBILLIONEYES mission to bring clear vision to over 1 billion people.  Get connected and engaged with our various social platforms:

  • You can like our Facebook page and share posts we publish whenever you feel inspired,
  •  Connect with us on LinkedIn,
  • Follow and engage with us on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • Generally let others know about TWOBILLIONEYES in whatever way you wish. We are so grateful for any support given.
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