Bijan Azami   Founder & Chairman

Bijan Azami

Founder & Chairman

  Marc Himel   Business Development

Marc Himel

Business Development

  Kathleen Holmlund   Comms & Outreach

Kathleen Holmlund

Comms & Outreach

  Mahmud Samandari   Strategy & Outreach

Mahmud Samandari

Strategy & Outreach

  Fauzia Schellekens   Communications

Fauzia Schellekens


  Sara Ahrari    Program Advisor (Senior Program Officer WASH at Simavi)

Sara Ahrari

Program Advisor
(Senior Program Officer WASH at Simavi)

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Supervisory Board

  Arash Aazami   Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator

Arash Aazami

Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator

  Peter Hoogweg    Interim professional in Change, Operations Management and Business Development

Peter Hoogweg 

Interim professional in Change, Operations Management and
Business Development

  André Jansen    Entrepreneur

André Jansen 




John de Brabander  -  Educational Advisor and developer of Field Trainings
Marjolein Lips - Wiersma - Professor Ethics & Sustainability Leadership, Faculty of Business, Economics & Law
Jan Willem van den Brink  -  CEO Metzler vision group, advises with purchase and production in China
Nathan Mooij  -  Strategic advisor and business development
Regien van der Poel - Translations

Team of advisors

Peter Aburi - Strategic advisor for Kenya
Kelly Boucher-Aburi - Strategic advisor for Kenya, Head of Commercial Solutions-Nutrition at CIFF
Tamar Azami  -  Planner/Coördinator
Carmel Azami - Operations / Marketing and Storytelling
Joachim Baan - Creative Something at ...,staat & NewWerktheater
Monique Blokzyl - Pitching Coach and Mentor
Frank Boode - Imagineer, experience architect, creative consultant
Olaf de Borst - Marketing strategy
Leoni Cuelenaere  -  Dutch Ambassador in Bangladesh
Françoise Le Goff -  Head of Administration at IFRC
Sealane Liu - Quality and Ethic control production in China
Martijn Kersten - Management Consultant and Mentor
Bert Kersten   -   Helps individuals  and  organizations  to  advance
Diego Noriega - Equipment Transport Advisor at Gefken Cases
Susan Massoudi - CSR support at UNICEF Geneva
Farid Saffar -  Senior Investment Advisor in private banking
Bert Smelik  -  Organisation  Adviser NL
Gerard Smith - Medical consultant
May Taherzadeh - Film Director
Daniel Truran -  Strategic advisor, ebbf director general
Jasper van Dorrestein  -  Project  Manager at  Business  Sweden
Bastiaan van de Werk - Partner & Co-Founder at Roos & van de Werk Content + PR Scan & Strategy
Marc Vieten - Healthcare and communication
Sifra Vieten - Graphic design
Hessel Waalewijn - Photographer and videographer
Ward Warmerdam - Supplier Analyst / Sr. financial researcher

Legal & Policy Advisors

Maja Groff - Senior Legal Officer at The Hague Conference on Private International Law
Susan Morse - Owner, Lee & Morse, P.C.
Marjolein Driessen - Lawyer/Partner at Legaltree
Michael Peffer-Partner Stolp+Kab Financial Services
Henriëtte Lenters -  Policy adviser Dutch Government
Pierre Steeghs - Owner Rubicon Tax advisers and auditors
Theo-Willem van Leeuwen - European Trademark attorney
Thomas van Grafhorst - Notary at Smith Boeser van Grafhorst notarissen
Reyer Krikke - Trade Mark and Design Attorney at Apeiron Intellectual Property
Jaleh Tahzib - Compliance Officer at VIVAT verzekeringen/SNS REAAL/Anbang Insurance Group