We propose a solution for delivering quality glasses that can be prescribed, assembled and adjusted - anywhere in the world - in under 20 minutes at an affordable local price. Here are the three steps for delivery:

  1. A vision test is performed on site

  2. A pair of eyeglasses is assembled on the spot using materials and tools from our Vision Toolbox

  3. The pair of glasses is adjusted for a perfect fit

The steps for delivering this service are:

  • Train local people to become TWOBILLIONEYES Vision Agents to perform proper vision test and assemble the eyeglasses. 

  • Equip them with the Vision Toolbox which houses all the necessary tools and materials to deliver the service

  • Supply the TWOBILLIONEYES eyeglasses

Twobillioneyes collaborates and partners with local organisations for developing a sustainable income generating business model for the Vision Agents, either employed or self employed.

Learn more about the whole TWOBILLIONEYES process by scanning through the slides below: