Bijan Azami - Founder and Chairman
Supervisory Board
André Jansen - Entrepreneur
Arash Aazami - Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator
Peter Hoogweg - Interim professional in Change, Operations Management and Business Development
Team of collaborators & advisors
Peter Aburi - Strategic advisor for Kenya
Kathleen Holmlund - Digital Media Strategist
Peter Hoogweg  -  Manager Operations at SVn
Françoise Le Goff -  Head of Administration at IFRC
Martijn Kersten - Management Consultant and Mentor
Daniel Truran - Strategic advisor, ebbf director general
John de Brabander -  Educational Advisor Field Trainings
Farid Saffar -  Senior Investment Advisor in private banking
Nathan Mooij  -  Strategic advisor and business development
Fauzia Schellekens - Cross Media / Communication Specialist
Jasper van Dorrestein  -  Project  Manager at  Business  Sweden
Bert Kersten   -   Helps individuals  and  organizations  to  advance
Marc D. Himel - Business Development Manager at Jenoptik Optical Systems
Mahmud Samandari - Strategic advisor, CEO at InnovaRadio SA and senior start-up coach
Kelly Boucher-Aburi - Strategic advisor for Kenya, Head of Commercial Solutions-Nutrition at CIFF
Bastiaan van de Werk - Partner & Co-Founder at Roos & van de Werk Content + PR Scan & Strategy
Jan Willem van den Brink  -  CEO Metzler vision group, advises with purchase and production in China
Marjolein Lips - Wiersma - Professor Ethics and Sustainability Leadership, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Additional collaborators & supporters
May Taherzadeh-Film Director
Olaf de Borst-Marketing strategy
Regien van der Poel - Translations
Tamar Azami  -  Planner/Coördinator
Bert Smelik  -  Organisation  Adviser NL
Marc Vieten - Healthcare and communication
Susan Massoudi-CSR support at UNICEF Geneva
Hessel Waalewijn - Photographer and videographer
  Carmel Azami - Operations / Marketing and Storytelling
Leoni Cuelenaere  -  Dutch Ambassador in Bangladesh
Sealane Liu - Quality and Ethic control production in China
Diego Noriega - Equipment Transport Advisor at Gefken Cases
Joachim Baan - Creative Something at ...,staat & NewWerktheater
Frank Boode - Imagineer, experience architect, creative consultant
Maja Groff - International Lawyer
Susan Morse - Owner, Lee & Morse, P.C.
Marjolein Driessen - Lawyer/Partner at Legaltree
Michael Peffer-Partner Stolp+Kab Financial Services
Henriëtte Lenters -  Policy adviser Dutch Government
Pierre Steeghs - Owner Rubicon Tax advisers and auditors
Theo-Willem van Leeuwen    -    European Trademark attorney
Thomas van Grafhorst - Notary at Smith Boeser van Grafhorst notarissen
Reyer Krikke - Trade Mark and Design Attorney at Apeiron Intellectual Property
Jaleh Tahzib - Compliance Officer at VIVAT verzekeringen/SNS REAAL/Anbang Insurance Group