A successful five days for TBE at Silmo Optical Fair

We know we have been rather quiet on our blog these past few months, but this certainly does not reflect the work and progress we have been experiencing on the ground. We will share some exciting news later this week of some significant activities that will be taking place in Kenya this month. Right now, we are recovering from a very successful participation at the Silmo Optical Fair. Silmo is a major international optics and eyewear gathering that takes place every year in Paris. They kindly donated exhibition space to us for this year's fair and we had a very busy and productive five days there.  Here are some of the highlights we are excited to report:

  1. 50 Opticians expressed strong interest to donate time and money to support TBE
  2. A TV celebrity from Belgium, Eline de Munck, and her partner at Odette Lunettes are donating 2,000 iPhone covers with their logo and the TBE logo on it to be sold in 70 optician shops for €12,95.  100% of all proceeds will be donated to TBE. 
  3. They will also promote TBE by making footage to donate to TBE through MFL (Music For Life,  a collaboration with the Red Cross)
  4. An NGO from Senegal wishes to collaborate with TBE to help build capacity with our concept in their country (this provides a new challenge - French speaking!) 
  5. Mobile opticians in Italy, Ivory Coast and Mexico wish to use our concept
  6. Overall the opticians who visite our booth love the simplicity of our solution and several organizations and companies love the fact that for a change we build an income generating structural solution instead of focusing on single events
  7. Magazines in Japan and France are going to publish articles about TBE